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Imagine a learning environment where waves lap against the side of the classroom, where the cries of seagulls aren't just background music, and where the whir of a fishing reel means testing has begun. The Huck-Fin Environmental Education Fishing Program brings this vision to life. Our fishing
program teaches environmental science and leadership development through a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on activities such as fishing trips, environmental projects, and opportunities for success in the real world.

Huck-Fin outings to freshwater lakes or onboard chartered ocean sport fishing boats are an incentive for students to improve grades and maintain
good behavior. The Huck-Fin Environmental Education Program has been the key to helping build student resiliency and enhancing academic achievement. This is especially important in the areas that Huck-Fin currently reaches, serving high-need communities. The program's benefit includes an exciting water sport enhanced with peer mentoring and science learning in outdoor and indoor settings.

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